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Solid State Amps
Solid State Amps

Solid State Amps

A range of guitar amps for beginners and gigging musicians to suit all budgets.

The advantage of the transistor combo is mainly the steady sound. The tone is sharper and their clean channel is pleasant. For home-based practice, a smaller-sized combo with a capacity of 10-50 watts is sufficient. Ideally, it should be a two-channel, a clean and distorted channel (Clean / Drive). The Aux input can be an advantage for plugging in your mp3 player or phone for playback during practice. A lot of combos are also equipped with a headphone jack (Phones Out). Solid-state combos are easy to maintain, relatively "merciful" to the initial imperfections of playing, and above all affordable.

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Reference: KGX10

Brand: Kinsman

Kinsman 10 Watt Guitar Amp, 2 Channel

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Kinsman 10 Watt Guitar Amp, 2 Channel.  Superb little combo delivering a full 10 watts, the KGX10 guitar combo has separate controls for Treble, Middle and Bass, Master Volume and Gain.

Price £55.95