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Modulation Pedals
Guitar Effects | Modulation Pedals, Flanger, Phaser, Reverb

Modulation Pedals

Effects pedals from Rotosound, Boss, Keeley, MXR, Digitech, Flattley, Blue Whale, and more.

Modulation pedals cover a lot of ground in terms of sounds. Main type of modulation pedals include, phaser, flanger, chorus and vibe pedals, they create movement in your base sound. This could be a subtle shift in tone to a dramatic jet-engine noise depending on effect.

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Reference: RKH/1

Brand: Rotosound

Rotosound King Henry Phaser Effect Pedal

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Rotosound King Henry Phaser. A superb phaser unit hand built in the UK and with design by John Oram of Vox and Trident fame.  Hand wired with authentic components.  A unit with a wide range of settings and a bit of a funky edge.

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