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Noise Gate, Volume
Guitar Effects | Noise Gate, Noise Reduction

Noise Gate, Volume

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Noise gate pedals are designed to remove unwanted noice that may be generated when running a guitar and amp at higher volumes and where other pedals such as distortion are connected.

A guitar volume pedal can be a very useful device to add to your pedalboard. Giving you control of the output of your rig via a foot-operated rocking plate, volume pedals are great for creating ambient swells, especially when used in conjunction.

There are 2 main type - passive and active.  Former has no requirment for a power source and simple active like the volume control on your guitar.  Active requires a power source, and this is designed to ensure no degradation in the signal or loss of presence in the top end.

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Reference: RPU/1

Brand: Rotosound

Rotosound 'The Pusher' Compressor Pedal

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Rotosound Pusher. A faithful reproduction of our original 1960’s unit using the same circuit configuration as the original design, as was used at sometime by the famous Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page. 

Price £155.00