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Guitar Capos
Guitar Capos | Electric, Acoustic

Guitar Capos

Top brands of guitar capos including Shubb, D'Addario, Planet Waves, and Jim Dunlop

A guitar capo is a quick fitting device that help s you raise the pitch of the guitar and easily without adjusting the tuners of the instrument. There are a variety of options to fit all type of guitar and folk instruments. We have a range including Shubb, Boston and Ernie Ball.

When choosing a capo if you have never used one then observe the following. Pick a capo that fits the flat or curve of the guitar neck. It’s important that a capo evenly distributes pressure along each fret, especially if the back of your guitar’s neck is curved. This prevents buzzing from strings that aren’t held tight, and ensures that strings aren’t pulled out of tune by a capo with too strong of a clamping mechanism.

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