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Maintenance And Care
Guitar Maintenance | Polish, Fretboard Oil, Cloths

Maintenance And Care

Guitar care and cleaning products, best prices on-line

It's no secret that guitars are fickle instruments, susceptible to the elements and often prone to damage under clumsy or inexperienced hands.  Get all the gear you need to ensure you treasured love is kept in great condition.

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Reference: BB-FRET

Brand: Big Bends

Big Bends Fret Juice Citric Oil Free Fretboard Conditioner

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Big Bends Fret Juice.  Fret conditioner and recommended for all types of fretboard.  Safely cleans, conditions and moisturizes fretboard.  One ingredient most fretboard conditioners have in common is either lemon or citric oil.  Big Bends does not believe solvents belong in a conditioner - so Fret Board Juice contains ONLY 100% highly refined ultra pure...

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